The Remakery is a co-working space for local re-use and upcycling enterprises based in Brixton, south London, opening in autumn 2013. By providing affordable workspace, access to material streams and distribution networks, and business development support, the Remakery will offer a springboard for new and growing enterprises creating products and opportunities from waste.

Its purpose is to mobilise Brixton’s wasted resources and hidden skills: keeping valuable materials in circulation, and cultivating skills of repair and making that have been undervalued in an economy that has overlooked resource constraints.

The Remakery will also be a catalyst for innovation, creating a collaborative environment in which to pilot inspiring and replicable approaches to re-use.

The Remakery has secured a 15 year lease on a 1000 sq m disused garage block in north Brixton, and has been awarded £100,000 of capital funding through Lambeth Council’s public voting project Your Choice (receiving over 3000 votes from local residents).

Architecture for Humanity London, a built environment charity, has been working closely with our Steering Group since spring 2011 to design the Remakery workspace, which will open in autumn 2012 following redevelopment of the site in summer.

The project was previously developed under the working title of Brixton Reuse Centre until September 2011.

For more information about the Remakery project, the services that will be provided and the design of the workspace, please download the pdf below.