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The repairable flatpack toaster

At the Remakery Restart Party we found out about an exciting project being developed by product designer Kasey Hou: the repairable flatpack toaster project. Hou has designed a toaster that can be assembled, and repaired, by its owner. This means that the toaster owner will learn something of how their appliance works, while becoming more aware of the tendency of today’s manufacturers to sell units which cannot be repaired once broken, creating ongoing demand for the company while adding to piles of e waste in landfill.

Currently a working prototype, the toaster comes flat-packed with simple instructions and takes around 40 minutes to assemble. It can be assembled by one person or in groups, and once assembled following instructions it passes a PAT test. Kasey is currently fine tuning the toaster’s design and packaging, and will be launching the product in the near future.

Restart Party at the Remakery

On 19 April The Remakery hosted its first 2018 Restart Party. The event was inspired by the Restart Project, which developed the now widespread ‘Restart Party’ – an event where people bring in their broken appliances and experienced repairers diagnose and fix them.  Restart is a movement to address excess excess waste by spreading repair knowledge and by preventing appliances from being thrown away. Restart joined us to run the first party at the Remakery, which started with an induction for new Restarters.

In all, 21 devices were worked on, and in all but two cases these were either repaired, or the correct spare part needed for repair was identified. The party was fun and fascinating – people brought in some very interesting machines, some brand new and some dating back decades, and the repair volunteers and visitors alike learned plenty about wiring, problem-solving, and history.

Here are some photos from the event, followed by the Remakery’s Restart party stats and a visualisation of the CO2 emissions that our party diverted.

Spring Clean and DIY day – 28th April

On 28th April from 11am – 4pm the Remakery is having a DIY and Spring Clean day.

We’re having a Spring Clean!
There are many small jobs that need doing at the Remakery, and we need lots of help to give the building an MOT.
We need help with:
– Organising materials
– Sweeping and mopping
– Gardening
– Making signage
– Wiping down surfaces
– Sorting through paint tins
– Filling holes
– Cleaning and repairing tools
There will be food, drink and music provided.

Find a workshop space and join a community

Looking for an affordable making space?

If you’re someone who makes, designs, or runs workshops, the Remakery provides both an affordable workshop space and a network of people to meet, plan and work with. We have a number of shared spaces, as well as some storage for materials and projects.

The shared spaces we currently have are:

2 rooms for working with hand tools – these include benches, vices and storage space.

1 machine room with table saw, lathe, pillar drill and ventilation. This room is currently being redeveloped but will be back up and running soon.

1 fabric workshop space with sewing machines.

1 screen printing room with lightboxes and drying racks.

We also have a tool room containing basic hand and portable power tools, a large store of wood, fabric and other materials, and a workspace with tables and chairs for discussion, design and research.

If you’re interested in looking at one of the spaces, contact

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