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We’re looking for hosts and volunteers


This year we’re looking to increase the number of events we run, organise our storage and building spaces, provide better access to materials for workshops and develop better resources for inductions and projects. We’re looking for volunteers and hosts to join our existing group and to bring more activity, energy, skills and ideas into the Remakery.

Apart from one paid staff member the Remakery is volunteer run, and the character of the Remakery depends heavily on who is working here. What this means is that Remakery volunteers are crucial not to daily and long term decisions about how the building’s 1000 square metres of space ares and what happens within that space. Volunteers also have access to the Remakery workshop spaces without membership fees.

Running the Remakery involves many, varied tasks of different sizes. Some examples are painting, tiling, sorting materials for recycling, organising the materials storage area, adding new emails to the database, social media, cleaning the kitchen, sweeping and cooking. If you can spare any time on a casual basis and live local to the Remakery, we’d love to hear from you – contact

Hosts are volunteers who are involved at the Remakery on a regular enough basis to be able to give tours of the building. They have an understanding of how our membership structure works, how visitors can access the materials storage areas and how workshop hosts can use the spaces. If you have a regular time which you can dedicate to the Remakery, get in touch about becoming a host.

Repowering London Solar Panel Workshop

On 24 February Repowering London came to Remakery to run a solar panel making workshop. The workshop invited a group of secondary school students to learn what the components of solar panels are, and how to arrange and solder them. (if you’re interested in finding out how they did it, follow this link)

Repowering London is an initiative which develops renewable energy projects with communities. Residents and install professionals co-produce (plan, build, install and maintain) renewable energy for use in their local areas; this offsets local energy bills and provides profit for a network of project investors and money for energy efficiency education. Repowering London projects have already built solar panel arrays in Brixton and Hackney, and there are a number of projects currently taking place in the Brixton area. Find out more about them here.

A completed portable solar panel in a laptop case

Remakery has big plans for 2018!

This year we have big plans for Remakery! We’re making important changes to the building, welcoming new people and projects, and giving the events programme a makeover. All this means it’s the perfect time to become a Remakery member or host.

New members (whether makers, designers or workshop organisers) will benefit from improved storage, more staffing and better equipment. More importantly, those who become members now will be able to have an active influence on how their work space is arranged.

We need new hosts and volunteers to join us in giving Remakery a new lease of life. We’d love to hear from anyone interested in shaping a valuable community re-use and making space.  If you have a skill (eg events organisation, tidying, electrics, logistics, design or social media) and you can volunteer some time, or if you’d like to gain experience running a bustling community workshop, email

Here’s a quick run through of major developments coming up this year.

Building plans

This winter, plumbers have been carrying out a long-planned overhaul of Remakery pipework, installing new toilets and planning a shower for later in the year. We’re also going to rejuvenate and reorganise the existing storage and workshop rooms. A group of Remakery members is currently holding meetings to plan layout and safety features for the machine room (home to the table saw, lathe and pillar drill). Other plans include working on signage and improving storage areas.

Getting involved with building work at Remakery is a great way to learn new skills while giving a shared space a makeover. In past building projects people really got involved, and later in the spring we’ll call out to local volunteers to get involved again.

If you’d like to get involved in the building plans, contact


Remakery Appoints New Space Lead

At the end of February Sam Penn was appointed as Membership and Space Lead. She’ll be at the Remakery from Wednesday – Saturday, where she will work with directors and volunteers to manage the building, memberships and programming (in practice this means lots of timetables, tidying, and conversations about organising space).

If you’re a maker looking for a space to work, if you’re looking to hold a workshop, or if you’d like to look around Remakery, contact Sam –

Remakery-made holiday home on its travels

Last year Matt Steel was a regular at Remakery with an exciting project – he parked up a Landrover Defender outside Remakery, and over the course of the summer he and his partner Holly turned it gradually into a holiday home on wheels! Hopefully their project will inspire others like it, especially based on the photos they took on their travels through France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany and Austria!

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