The Remakery gets out and about

In the last few weeks I’ve been spreading the word about the Remakery in a variety of settings, both close to home and around London. Here are a few pictures and links from my adventures (starting with the most recent…)

London Transition Groups Gathering, 1 December at City Hall:

Where I told this large circle (the photo shows less than a quarter) of people representing no less than 24 different Transition initiatives from all over London, about the Remakery. (Rob Hopkins, the founder of the Transition Network, was there too talking about his new book the Transition Companion).

I also re-met Jenny from Tooting (who came to a Design Day at the Remakery site back in the spring), who just happened to have with her this very impressive giant chilli remade from crisp packets:

Remakery stall at the Brixton Experience, 26 November:

Publicising the Remakery membership scheme, exhibiting Linda Ecalle’s wonderful cardboard furniture, Velo-Re‘s bike tyre belts and other remarkable remakes, and showing passers-by on Brixton Station Road how to make tetrapak wallets…

Transition Hackney gathering, 15 November at Passing Clouds in Dalston:

Where after a lovely shared meal, myself and Chris Hardy of UpCycle both gave talks about our projects and their different approaches to creative upcycling (see my presentation here: Remaking it Together) with about 30 people in attendance, followed by a sewing session where people shared skills on fixing holes in jeans and jumpers.

Changemakers’ Fayre, 27-28 October at Hub Westminster:

An extravaganza of “civic entrepreneurship, impact venturing and change making”, where I offered a workshop about Urban Permaculture (having recently done my Permaculture Design Course), and a presentation about the Remakery – attracting a fascinating cluster of folks including an Egyptian designer who’d previously developed a textile upcycling project in Cairo, and a fellow Transitioner (Paul Mackay from Transition Belsize) whose work with online databases suggests some exciting potentials for skill-sharing and stuff-sharing (see his amazing Skills Base and Sharing Base…)