Remakery awarded prize at Architecture for Humanity conference

We’re delighted to announce that the Remakery – as presented by Alasdair Dixon of Architecture for Humanity (AfH) London – was awarded the Design Open Mic prize yesterday at AfH’s global conference, Design Like You Give A Damn.

Alasdair’s presentation at DLYGAD

I’m lucky enough to have been invited to San Francisco to take part in the conference – thanks to a grant offered by the Surdna Foundation to help AfH’s clients and community partners to attend the event. Following the recent final hand-over of architects’ drawings from our AfH team in London, this trip is a fantastic culmination to AfH’s 18-month involvement in the Remakery project. Their team of volunteer architects have shown amazing commitment, patience and thoroughness throughout the process of designing the Remakery as a space that will work for all its members, getting us over the big hurdle of planning permission, and preparing for the construction work that is now underway.

A big thank you to our project architect, Isabel Hankart, colleagues Taus Larsen and Alasdair Dixon, and all the other AfH team members who have contributed so much throughout the course of the project (names listed on Alasdair’s last slide – his presentation can be downloaded here: )

Thanks to the privilege of being here in person, I even got to give an acceptance speech – which came as a slight shock since the standard of the Open Mic was very high and we certainly hadn’t predicted a win. In fact when the prize was announced, I was out of earshot chatting to somebody about the Remakery, and only gradually realised that my name was being mentioned! Even when I got up there to give the speech I had to turn round and check that we had actually won… Scroll through to minute 52 of this video to see the prize announcement and my speech (which also gives a handy summary of the project history):

(Oddly enough, immediately afterwards, the guy I’d been chatting to had his name drawn out as the Raffle winner, being awarded a trip around the California vineyards! Our prize of AutoCAD software was less fun, though pretty useful for AfH London. Many thanks to Autodesk, who provided the conference venue as well as the prize.)

AfH’s own report on the Design Open Mic is here, along with the other winning presentations - an inspiring bunch, all on the theme of “innovative, community-centered design that is both inspiring and buildable”:…-