Remakery ready for redevelopment! - Remakery

Over the last few days the Remakery site has been cleared of everything that was stored there by member groups while awaiting planning permission. Hundreds of bikes, tonnes of wood, furniture and bric-a-brac has been shifted!

The space is now almost ready for the next steps: demolishing some of the internal walls to create larger spaces, and giving it all a good jet-clean to remove the sooty grime left over from its days as a garage. After that the real construction work will start…

We’re just awaiting the official go-ahead from the planning department (we’ve been told to expect good news but of course we need to have it in writing, and confirm what the conditions are before we can actually start building).

Watch this space for opportunities to get involved - volunteers and trainees will play a big role in the construction and fit-out.

View of the interior with the last few items waiting to be moved

Empty garage units ready for work to begin!

Hannah in the room we’ll be using as the site office

Yesterday’s site meeting with the construction team and architects on the grass outside