Progress steaming ahead on site

The first few weeks of 2013 were chocked full of activity on the Remakery site: We have gone from a gloomy grey suite of garages to ones that are gleaming white; walls have started going up, and the bones of a kitchen, bathroom and office are starting to appear; doors are being attached in useful places and we’ve acquired equipment by the bucket load. But most of all we’ve all learned loads of new skills and have had a great time doing it.

There is still a lot to be done in order to sign off the build and and start fitting out. If you’re interested in learning a building skill, or have one to pass on, you’ll always find a warm welcome on site from Jake and Winford, our tireless site managers. Contact us if you’d like to find out more.

Painting, painting and more painting

Who would have thought a lick of paint would make such a difference? And be so fun to apply?!

**Thanks to our fantastic paintbrush-, polyfiller- and sandpaper-wielding volunteers, mostly fuelled by cheesy rock and pizza, we now have almost finished painting the workshops.  Going from grimy sooty, graffiti-ed grey to a brilliant shade of white. The whole space seems twice as big now.

Thanks to a fantastic donation from Community Repaint we are now able to continue our painting marathon and now will move onto the other zones (the storage and office/reception areas).

We have walls (almost)

The fun bit has started. Now that walls are going up the site is starting to take shape and we can get a glimpse of what the final place will look like. Thanks to some fantastic volunteer local carpenters- Pere and Colin- wall-building is steaming ahead. We have been able to re-use a lot of donated wood, as well as the old door frames from the garages for the stud-work.

The next job is insulation. We’ve been on the look-out for insulation offcuts, or pieces we can re-use, for a while now and have already had some good donations (thanks to Kingspan and many freecyclers!).  At the same time we have been developing our own carpet-tile insulation prototype, thanks to a donation of tiles by Interface Flor, the first Remakery product development. Any suggestions of sources for more insulation- please let us know

Our carpentry team have also been busy round the site creating doors to satisfy the fire and electrical safety departments. Thanks so much for all your help guys!

Boots, hats….more boots…. and a life jacket?!

With the closing of much of the local probation service’s  training programmes Andy and Winford (two of the Remakery site managers) have managed to rescue bags and bags of steel-capped boots and hard hats. Also tables, cupboards and various other paraphernalia. We weren’t as lucky getting hold of their workshop equipment, which was ‘removed for disposal’ by a local contractor. Hugely disappointing for us as we could have kept the tools for use by the community.

One of the strangest items we picked up from the Probation Service’s workshops was a life-jacket. Presumably there in case the Thames flooded!?

Volunteers by the dozen

We’ve had loads of people down to help: at site socials on Thursdays, and during the day. Volunteers have been coming from a variety of different backgrounds- we have those that would like to develop their skills, or get more experience on site, such as students from Camberwell Technical College. We also have volunteers that are inbetween jobs, or getting back into work, or those that just like somewhere to engage with people.  The Community Payback crew help us three times a week. And from next week we’ll have volunteers down from the local job centre.

Our next tranche of activity will be electrics and plumbing. So we are on the look out for volunteers who would like to develop or improve their skills in those areas under skilled supervision.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes the Remakery directors are working away developing the Remakery. This includes fundraising; developing a new website; improving our social media; exploring partners to work with on our social programmes and finalising the membership offer among many, many other things!

The rest of the year is going to continue to be a roller-coaster of activity as we build up to launch.