Call out for volunteers and directors

We are looking for volunteers and directors! The Remakery houses workshop spaces, tools and donated materials with the aim of matching waste materials with projects, circumventing the need for landfill.
The Remakery was collectively built by local residents, Architecture for Humanity and construction professionals. Like the construction phase, the daily running of the Remakery emphasises skill share, reuse and collective building. Our volunteers plan and build storage, sort and process our catalogue of materials, restore rusty tools, tile floors and in general find ways to adapt and improve the space we have, while improving their skills in the process. They also welcome people to the Remakery and give tours to show how the space works. We are looking for Brixton / Loughborough Junction residents with an interest in DIY and community spaces to help us continue to repair, revitalise and reimagine the building and the activities it supports.
The Remakery is run by a group of volunteer directors who make collective decisions on the long-term and everyday running of the space in conjunction with the space manager, members and shareholders. The directors carry out a range of tasks including strategy, budget planning, space logistics, writing funding applications and promotion. Our current and previous directors have had a range of backgrounds and experiences – strategy, admin, making, finance, marketing, workshops, architecture. We’re ideally looking for people who live locally, who have an interest in helping to run an open, collaborative community project, and who can get involved at the Remakery on a regular basis.
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