Comments from our first Maker Forum

Feedback from the first Remakery Maker Forum

On Thursday, 10 May the Remakery ran a Maker Forum, a social event for makers to discuss the practicalities and problems of being a maker, designer, artist or upcycler. A group of makers, prototypers, DIY organisers and researchers came to the event to share their thoughts and insights.

Here’s what we discussed:

– The reliance of makers and small businesses on ‘strength in numbers’ to raise their profile and to create resilience
– How physical and mental health shape and are affected by making (illnesses can limit accessibility and social interaction, organisations can exclude via their structure)
– How to develop more links between making at home or in a shared space and earning enough revenue to live in the city (selling items on a shop floor, sharing job opps, online stores)
– How places like the Remakery should be run in such a way as to support makers and encourage recognition of their skills, while also making skill share possible.
– What to do about the gap between the need for resources, tools and networks and the effort needed to actually provide, build & maintain them.

As a result of the forum we made some new whatsapp groups, planned an informal shop area at the front of the Remakery and planned some new project, skill and tool shares. The Remakery also took away some advice from makers on how to make a better support infrastructure for them, while also avoiding commercialisation or exclusivity. We will try our best to put this advice into action in a thoughtful way – we continue to learn from running the Remakery as an inclusive community workshop space, and the more feedback and contributions we have from members and volunteers, the more we can do!

The next Forum is on Thursday 21st June from 6-9pm. Since it’s the longest day of the year maybe we can hold it in the garden! See you then.

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