The repairable flatpack toaster

At the Remakery Restart Party we found out about an exciting project being developed by product designer Kasey Hou: the repairable flatpack toaster project. Hou has designed a toaster that can be assembled, and repaired, by its owner. This means that the toaster owner will learn something of how their appliance works, while becoming more aware of the tendency of today’s manufacturers to sell units which cannot be repaired once broken, creating ongoing demand for the company while adding to piles of e waste in landfill.

Currently a working prototype, the toaster comes flat-packed with simple instructions and takes around 40 minutes to assemble. It can be assembled by one person or in groups, and once assembled following instructions it passes a PAT test. Kasey is currently fine tuning the toaster’s design and packaging, and will be launching the product in the near future.

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